Yoga To Balance The Body & Mind

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” meaning “yoke” or “union”. Just like other alternative practices, yoga seeks to balance the body and mind. Sun energy is thought of as “yang” and associated with more masculine energy (fiery, energizing, active). Moon energy is thought of as “yin” and associated with more feminine energy (stabilizing, grounding, calming, relaxing). Yoga is the practice that unites these two energies and balances our bodies and minds.

Yoga For Health And Well-Being

Hatha yoga means “yoga for health”, and is the physical aspect of the practice. Hatha yoga is all physical yoga. It renews, invigorates, and heals the body–stretching and strengthening the muscles, joints, and spine, and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs, including the glands, organs, and nerves.

We Offer Yoga Classes With Individualized Attention

Our classes emphasize proper alignment for injury prevention and to help develop strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. All levels are welcomed and encouraged. Classes are held in a welcoming, safe environment and kept small for individualized attention. One-on-one therapeutic sessions are also available.

  “I thoroughly enjoy the breathing exercises and find it a useful tool to reduce my stress.”
   “I love the size of the small intimate classes. It is a big plus for me. It’s not overwhelming like some other yoga classes could be. Over 10 years ago, I attended a beginner’s yoga class when I was more flexible but, found the teacher pushed students to keep perfect form with no assistance or props and this could have caused injuries. In Dr. Anne’s yoga classes, she always suggests proper form; she understands and realizes that is not always possible due to physical restrictions and encourages modifications until proper form can be achieved. If Dr. Anne feels a patient can attain that for she is very encouraging them reaching that goal.”
 -Mary K

“This is my 3rd class and I’m noticing that i am getting more flexible with every class. i can also do some of the exercises at home during the week to stretch out my shoulders and back to relieve tension. Good instructor and nice group of yogis in class.”
– Lenore T.

Yoga Class Schedule

Monday 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM
Vinyasa (Flow) Class
Open level gentle flow class focusing on alignment while linking movement and breath

Thursday 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM
Beginner Class
Gentle flow style with breakdown of foundational poses and use of props and modifications to prevent injury.

Anne Coffey, DC 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Teaches:  Seniors, kids (4+) Pre-natal

Types of classes: chair, restorative, gentle, beginner, therapeutic.

Anne was a collegiate gymnast and began her interest in yoga in 2004. With her formal training as a Chiropractic Physician, yoga seemed like a natural fit.  She began to feel the influence yoga had in her life and felt inspired to share this experience with others.

Anne received her 200 hour certification through YogaFit and attended an intensive program at Sattva Centre in Rishikesh, India (the birth place of yoga). Dr. Anne believes that the practice of yoga is constantly evolving for individuals.  These practices include: asana, meditation, pratyahara, pranayama and timeless wisdom (part of the eight-limbed path of yoga).

Anne volunteers for her charity of choice, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and the New York Road Runners.  Anne has been a part of the medical team for marathons and ran in the NY marathon in 2014.  In 2015, Anne was a part of New Balance Girls Night Out (NMGNO) aimed to empower women through both physical and social experiences. Anne taught a beginner class to students of all levels.